Red Eyes

Nowadays more and more people are facing the same problem as the redness of the eyes. This is quite alarming, which can not be ignored.

So, what are the most likely causes redness of eyes?

1. Load. If a person spends a lot of time on the computer or watching TV, the eye may become red. Here, the treatment is very simple – to go outside. Eye in this situation need to rest. During operation, always take a break. It’s enough to turn its attention (see box on the mud and flower in the office).
2. Lenses. If a person wears contact lenses, the eye may redden. This is due to improper care of them.
3. Injury or foreign object. Sometimes the eyes can become red, as a result of an eye injury. In this case it is best to consult a doctor.
4. Allergies. In the eyes can also be an allergic reaction to blush.
5. Pressure. While high blood pressure increases inside the eye pressure. Because of this, and there is redness of the eyes.

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