Reliable Protection from the Stress of the Heart

3011201615Stress – is the real enemy to our health. Scientists have repeatedly proved the relationship between stress and the functioning of certain organs.

When we are stressed, our blood get special hormones. The large numbers and on a permanent basis, they destroy our nervous system, as well as a negative impact on the heart. That stress is one of the key causes of infraktov, stroke, arrhythmia and other problems with the cardiovascular system.

German scientists claim that in order to protect your heart from stress, you need to carefully apply to the preservation of their own health. Very useful are strengthening cardio load in the form of fitness or a morning run.

Also, you need to eat properly, as this will help strengthen the heart muscle. In your daily menu should be present bananas, apples, fish or seafood. It is important and normal sleep and rest. You’ll be much more protected from stress, if the duration of your daily sleep will be at least 8 hours a day.

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