Removal of Tonsils

Nowadays more and more people hear from doctors such diagnosis as chronic tonsillitis. This is a rather insidious disease that can cause serious complications (damage to the kidneys, heart, joints).

So, if a person diagnosed with tonsillitis – whether to remove the tonsils? This question should be decided by the physician on an individual basis. It all depends on how often a person gets sick. It is also necessary to check the functioning of the heart and kidneys. If there is any change, the best glands removed. These small “seeds” can bring a man a lot of grief.

I want to say that many doctors are afraid of complications of patients after removal of tonsils. They say that there may be sore throat or bronchitis. Undoubtedly, all this may be the case if you do not follow the simple recommendations. It is very important in the postoperative period to eat and spend more time outdoors. After a few months, it is possible to train the body to hardening.

No need to be afraid of the operation. If the glands do not perform their main function (protective), it is best to get rid of them. You will feel an incredible relief and a surge of strength! No note once again, all the issues should be solved with your doctor!

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