Replacing Foods in the Diet

Everyone prefers a particular product. Some like smoked fish, and someone is not a single day of life without chocolate candy. However, it happens that a person like products, which do not bring health benefits.

Thus, as can be interchanged products?

1. Salt. If you would like to eat pistachios or sausage, it is quite normal desire. However, we must understand that, most likely, you will want to salt. To get rid of the problem, discard the salt-free diet.
2. Sweets. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, so the brain needs glucose. As is known, this substance is considered to be carbohydrates. Replace sweets can be more useful products from this group: cereals, dried fruits and nuts.
3. Cheese. If you can not imagine my life without cheese, the body lacks calcium and phosphorus. These trace elements are contained in sufficient quantities in broccoli. Include it in your diet.
4. Lemon. If you eat a lot of lemons, it is said that a lot of fatty and indigestible foods in the diet. Avoid these foods, and everything will work out.

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