Rules of Weight Loss

Every woman wants to be slim. But not everyone turns to do it. Why is this happening? Every woman will answer itself.

But let us look at the basic rules of weight loss!

1. Water. During the meal you can not drink the water. It is best to drink 15 minutes before meals. So you can eat half.
2. Chew. The food should be chewed long and carefully. You do not need to swallow large pieces of food, as it is harmful to health.
3. Enjoyment. When food intake is necessary to enjoy a meal, every bite.
4. Separate food. Eat small portions you need. Since the body is easier to digest. At the same time, you can never overeat. Remember you need another simple rule – from the table to get up a little hungry.
5. Snacks. If you want to eat between meals, it is best to eat a banana or a date. You do not need to eat sandwiches or chips. Serve them and not as big, but it contains a lot of calories. A beautiful ladies extra calories just are not necessary!

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