Rules that Will Prolong Life

Each person thinks about how much he has been allocated. However, no one knows about this. Each person has his own destiny.

But no matter how it was, I want to live longer. This is the desire of every person.

So, enough talk, let’s move to action. What do you need to do for this?

1. Creativity. Try at least a little time to give creativity. With his help, you can distract yourself and get rid of depression.
2. Cleaning. Do not forget to clean up regularly in the apartment. The best thing is a wet cleaning.
3. The regime of the day. It is necessary to strictly observe the regime of the day. So you can do more and at the same time get tired less.
4. We walk. Start walking more. At work, in the store, on a visit – always walk. Refuse to use the car.
5. Green tea. Scientists have already proved that green slows down all the aging processes in the body. Drink it daily.
6. Contrast shower. Alternate the use of hot and cold odes during bathing. This will help keep the blood vessels healthy, and the skin more youthful.

Live happily ever after!

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