Running the bulls in Spain and its consequences

Annually, about a million people rush to Spain specifically to attend a festival dedicated to running the bulls.

Eight hundred and fifty meters should run through the furious bulls down the street, on which people are waiting for them. And only God knows who will be able to survive on this day. The fact is that such a fun and seemingly interesting presentation, for some people will necessarily be fatal. It turns out that only this year the bulls were trampled and hammered by six men.

But despite such losses, the public still triumphs and meets animals with cries and exclamations. And if someone worries about not getting to the bull on the horns, can watch everything from the upper floors, but do not get the adrenaline charge, which is followed by many amateurs of the bull race. Several people this year were hooked with their scarves for the bull’s horn, and he held them out along the street at a distance of up to fifty metro.

This was enough to hospitalize everyone who was too close to wild animals. Most of the people, of course, remained spectators and did not dare to go for a run from the bulls, although at the same time everyone got positive emotions.

Only a few women felt confident at the moment when a flock of enraged bulls was already following them, because it is believed that this is a man’s business and for women there is no place. But in the last few years, in connection with the struggle for the independence of women, as well as emancipation, women were also given the right to participate in races at their first wish.

History of this holiday

Spain since ancient times is famous for its races from bulls, cows or calves. But only recently this tradition has gained a high popularity among tourists who come from all over the world to watch and participate in such an event. More than half of all participants are newcomers, who most often become victims of bulls only because they are not fully aware of what they agree with and what they will face. The fact is that when a person does not have a clear understanding of the upcoming situation, he is almost completely defenseless against the circumstances that await him.

But, despite the fact that there is a great chance of getting injured and injured, people are still trying to participate in this race and for the rest of their lives remember how wonderful it is to feel that at some point, your life depends only on you.

The organizers of the races never attract participants, because there is simply no need for it. People themselves go here and Pamplona for a few days turns into the most populous city on the planet. Thanks to tourists and their interest in this kind of entertainment, bull races are unlikely to ever lose their popularity, because it’s so beautiful, how dangerous and dangerous. And a person in the blood always has a desire to risk and win. Therefore, many who have successfully completed one of the races, may decide to visit this Festival again, and after a while will not be able to deny themselves the pleasure of receiving a new portion of adrenaline.

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