111220168Every woman is looking forward to a sale in the store. This is due to the fact that everyone wants to save. But more often, it happens that a woman becomes a commodity that it is not really necessary. But how can you not buy this or that thing, if it is a discount?

So, how to behave on sale?

1. Excitement. No need to succumb to hype and buy everything. Include common sense.
2. List. Always carry a list of the needed goods. Follow him clearly, without making any exceptions. If you needed any thing, it would be included in the list. There is no spontaneity.
3. Combinations. Buy items that can be easily combined with each other.
4. Size. Never buy a thing that does not fit your size. It will still hang in the closet. No it will not alter.
5. Doubt. If a thing is sitting poorly or have even the slightest doubt – do not buy!
6. Marriage. Never buy things from marriage. It’s a waste of money. Such a thing, and no one will ever wear.

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