Saturated Fats Are Bad For the Body

17111616The overabundance of saturated fats have different effects on brain function in adults and adolescents.

English scientist who conducted experiments on mice, was able to prove that if the adult excess fat intake can affect only the increase in weight, for children, in addition to obesity, it has a negative impact on brain development.

Despite the fact that young people immunity is much higher than that of aged people, the problem of saturation of fat it is difficult to handle. Therefore, a growing body needs proper nutrition, which better prepare the menu of foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, due to the high content of calcium in it, as well as seafood. Naturally it is not necessary to completely give up meat, because the child’s body needs protein, in this case, it is better to use poultry or rabbit.

Popular among children fizzy drinks should be replaced fresh prepared juices and instead of sweets, it is better to offer honey, dried fruits and dark chocolate, but in moderation.

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