Save of Tan

Every woman is looking forward to the summer season. Everyone wants to lie on the beach and a bit of a tan. There is nothing more beautiful tanned skin.

But it so happens that many women do not know how to maintain the beauty of sunburn. Let’s investigate.

1. The process of tanning. To tan last longer, it is necessary from the start to do right. It concerns what should be done on the beach, only a few hours a day (the most favorable time).
2. Care. The skin during tanning is very dry. In this connection it is necessary to humidify a more rapid pace.
3. How to save? No doubt, you can always visit a solarium or use folk remedies. To maintain the tan last longer on the skin, it is necessary to fill the bathroom with water and add the tea leaves. This method is very effective. It is equally important to eat right. Eat foods that contain in its composition vitamin A (strengthens sunburn). It is contained in a pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots.

Lovely woman, be charming regardless of the weather and time of year for the window.

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