Saving Heat Makeup

091220169Currently, no woman can do without makeup. This is due to the fact that a woman can always find a flaw that needs to be masked. Of course, the easiest way to do this with the help of makeup. But what to do in hot weather? Everyone understands that makeup can simply deteriorate.

So how to keep the makeup in hot weather?

1. Cleansing. It is very important that the skin is healthy. For this purpose it is necessary to thoroughly clean and moisturize. To cleanse, you can use the scrub and to moisturize – olive oil or cream.
2. Thermal water. In summer, in any case, do not leave home without thermal water. Believe me, the water does not spoil the already finished makeup.
3. Quality. You should always use high-quality cosmetics. This will protect you from skin problems in the future.
4. Sun. Do not forget to use sunscreen in the summer. It removes the skin from drying out.
5. Basis. Tone Cream is necessary to choose a light texture and consistency.

Be beautiful in any season!

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