Sea water and its benefits to the body

Everyone knows perfectly well that the sea is the most miraculous source of health and new strength for the body.

It is only necessary to visit the sea once, as you immediately understand, that it is this element that helps a person in almost all his problems. Going to rest, almost ninety percent of the population of our planet immediately think about the sea shore and its wonderful air, which causes so many positive feelings and emotions.

After all, after you have visited the sea, you understand that the skin and hair became much better looking, and the nails were strengthened. The noise of the sea wave calms the nerves and leads a person to complete relaxation, turning off all negative emotions. But the ability to treat sea water perfectly from the common cold and, at the same time, cleanse the nose, leads to the fact that almost everyone who comes to the sea and suffers from a cold starts feeling relief in a few days.

What is the power of sea water?

The whole secret of sea water is that it can rightly be called “alive.” After all, it was in the ocean that the first microorganisms originated, which later went to land. To date, scientists have found that sea water contains many useful minerals, which are represented in more than seventy trace elements.

We must pay tribute to the sea water for that. that with her help, the person’s nose is much quicker and easier to go through the treatment than the different medicines are capable of doing.

Moreover, when using sea water, there are no allergic reactions or any other side effects. Such treatment of the common cold can be considered not only the most effective, but also the safest for the body. All who live permanently near the sea, never know the problems with the nose and are practically not familiar with such a disease as the common cold. There are several methods of using sea water in order to overcome the cold as quickly as possible. The first is the direct use of sea water and the washing of its nose.

This procedure should be performed several times a day in order to facilitate your sensations. The second method consists of sea salt and ordinary pure water. Diluting the salt in water, you can get a solution that is as close as possible to the natural marine consistency. Of course, the real sea water is the most effective, but if you can not visit the sea, you can use this alternative. And the last method is to buy a special salt solution in the pharmacy. It is said that this is the worst option, because together with sea salt in such a solution, there are often a lot of chemical impurities that are simply not necessary for the health of the nose.

Who recommends the use of brine?

It turns out that there are simply no contraindications for the use of this remedy. It can be used even for young children from three years old or nursing mothers. Pregnant women too can actively use sea water in order to get rid of the annoying cold as quickly as possible. The only condition for those who at home to prepare this solution, can be designated in the amount of salt added. After all, the more salt you add to the water, the steeper the solution, which can damage the nasal mucosa.

Therefore, for children it is recommended to use a weak solution or medium, suitable for daily use. And when it is necessary to cope with a chronic rhinitis in an adult person, then it is necessary to apply a steeper solution in order to quickly cope with their problem.

It turns out that even after washing, the salt remains still in the nose and acts positively to dilute the runny nose and remove it from the respiratory tract. Therefore, if you need to cope with the common cold in the shortest time and while not harming your body, it is necessary to find a way to use sea water as soon as possible. Even if it is cooked by you on your own, but at the same time, it will not become an obstacle anyway, in order to facilitate your breathing.

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