Secrets of a Healthy Heart

Many people suffer from pathology of the cardiovascular system. It’s worth mentioning that most often the reason for this is the wrong way of life, non-compliance with diet and bad habits. In other words, man himself is to blame for all his illnesses.

So, what should you do to keep the heart healthy and strong?

1. Milk. Milk should be drunk every day. Scientists from the UK came to the conclusion that regular consumption of milk leads to a decrease in pressure.
2. Gymnastics. Nobody says that you need to do weight lifting. But gymnastics and morning exercises are very useful for the whole body. It is very important to exercise regularly.
3. Fish. Include fish in the diet. It must be eaten several times a week. It is best to choose fatty varieties (salmon, tuna).
4. Refusal of salt. It is important to eat less salt. Our body does not need salt. It can be safely replaced with soy sauce.
5. Fruits. Eat more fruit. For example, bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium. These trace elements help strengthen the heart muscle.

Proper nutrition and exercise – these are the two main secrets of longevity!

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