Secrets of a shapely figure

Summer is the height of time in which every girl wants to look as sexy and attractive as possible. Everything is very logical here.

The fact is that in summer most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are going to go to the sea, lie on the sumptuous azure beaches under the warm rays of the sun, and also take sun baths and sunburn.

Of course, all this is more about European girls or girls from the US and Western countries. In Asian countries, tanning has no particular priority, since Asian girls, such as Chinese women, believe that white skin is much more attractive and sexy. Nevertheless, European girls with tan can very effectively emphasize all of their most charming forms.

Did you know that a sexy female figure is achieved not by long finding of sports halls by measuring exercises, but by natural and proper nutrition. Just do not confuse proper nutrition and diet.

These are very different concepts and they are all very subjectively different. The basis of proper nutrition is included in the process of obtaining natural and natural foods in small portions, shattered during the day. At the same time, you should try to ensure that 50% of the food you eat is damp, that is, it has not undergone heat treatment. In addition, in the diet of proper nutrition, proteins are simply necessary to have mouth-watering sexual forms.

The concept of heat treatment implies that people, especially girls and women, should consume a lot of salads and fruits. Only a small percentage is obtained if it adjusts its shape in the gym. And the harmony of the figure is achieved by proper nutrition, in which there is no excess fats and extra calories.

Small portions

To get an attractive and sexy body, in case you are a man, it is important to eat not 3 times a day, again or even 6. Only one meal should be eaten no more than the portion prescribed by a dietician, they are like most of us used to 300 -400 grams of food at a time.

At the same time, you should control the food that you eat, namely, its calorie content. I will say at once from fast food products, if your desire to get a beautiful body should be immediately abandoned, as they will significantly inhibit the entire process of fat burning and the way to sexuality.

So every meal should be accompanied by necessarily greenery. For example, if it’s breakfast, oatmeal with mushrooms and with a salad. If it’s dinner, for example, baked fish with broccoli and peas. There are many options for eating. But it is desirable that with each of them you always eat raw foods, in particular salads

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates

The thing is that most people, when they are trying to eat properly, very sharply exclude from their diet foods that contain protein. For example, refuses meat, refuses cottage cheese or fish. All this is extremely wrong. The same, there is a category of people, especially the fairer sex, who believe that it is very important to completely eliminate fats from their diet.

And the first and second opinion is very erroneous. You need to consume fats, but they need to eat no more than 20-40 grams a day, depending on your physique and weight. Only you need to understand and distinguish between fats. Fat should be vegetable, for example, olive oil, flax seeds, fish oil. But fats of animal origin, for example, a cheese slice of bacon – from such it is necessary to abstain.

It is also necessary to understand that carbohydrates are also necessary for you, since they greatly affect the emotional state of people. If you exclude carbohydrates from everyday food, a person will feel extremely depressed. It is best to eat carbohydrates in the morning, and a significant part of them should be in cereals or fruits, but not in cake and not in cakes. As for proteins, if you are striving to get a very sexy body that will have lush buttocks and large breasts, then proteins are an integral part of the whole person. You can get proteins from eggs, from fish, from low-fat poultry.