Secrets of a Sound Sleep

Now more and more people complain about sleepless nights. Most often this happens through the fault of the person. But you always need to understand the problem and try to solve it.

Remember, at night people are obliged to sleep. If he does not sleep, then something is wrong.

So, let’s understand, what secrets of a sound sleep experts allocate?

1. No dinner. Before going to bed you can not eat. This will cause the night to be sleepless. Before going to bed, you can drink only a glass of yogurt and nothing more.
2. Negative thoughts. All negativity needs to be left far beyond the threshold of the bedroom. In the bedroom you only need to sleep, not to reflect on the problems.
3. Harmful habits. Never smoke or drink alcohol before bedtime. This will also have a negative effect on sleep.
4. Mode. No less important, to teach the body to regimen. Do you remember how it was in childhood? 21.00 on the clock – and you are already in bed and ready for bed. Now, in adulthood, you need to go to bed no later than 23.00.

Make sure you sleep at least 6 hours a day. Only such a regime of the day will help you feel cheerful and confident.

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