Secrets of Beauty Anastasia Stotskaya

Anastasia Stotskaya is a young mother. But it does not stop to look to her just exquisitely. It seems that everything is perfect for her. The body and the figure are simply in excellent shape. How can you achieve all this?

1. Genetics. The singer is sure that she has good genetics. Her mom looks just fine. Stotskaya is sure that she followed in her footsteps.
2. Moistening. The star moistens everything you can. She is sure that you need to moisturize the entire body. The skin of each person should not dry up. In addition, it is still necessary to drink water in a normal amount. This will also help the skin to be more hydrated.
3. Diet. As for diets, Stotskaya prefers sometimes to slightly adjust her diet. But before you start a diet, she gets a doctor’s advice. It’s good that the celebrity has a dad – a doctor.
4. Sports. As for sports training, the celebrity deals with a personal trainer. In her opinion, the specialist should observe how her student performs the exercises. He can always point out an error.

Lovely women, good genetics and care will help you always look luxurious.

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