Secrets of Harmony Eva Longoria

251120162There is no woman who would not have admired the figure of Eva Longoria. Celebrity actually looks just lovely. How many women want to be like her.

It is worth noting that celebrity does not hide anything. Today, she will tell you how to keep the body in good shape.

1. Sports. Star is actively involved in sports. Trainings are held under the supervision of a personal trainer. The actress admits that a little bit lazy, so the coach conducts training in the home star.
2. Yoga. Longoria regularly practices yoga. In her opinion, this is the perfect way to deal with cellulite and bring thoughts in order.
3. Nutrition. Here, everything is much more complicated, because the actress loves a tasty meal. But no matter how hard it was, right tries to adhere to the star power. We need to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meat.
4. Water. Every day you need to drink enough water. The secret of the stars – you need to drink 3 liters of water a day.

Dear women to be beautiful, you need to make not much effort!

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