Secrets of Health and Attractive Appearance of the Japanese

Everyone knows that the Japanese live long enough. At the same time, they always look young and attractive. Many people try to imitate them, but it turns out not entirely successful.

What secrets conceals this nation. Let us know in detail about everything?

1. Food. The Japanese have a very good habits that relate to nutrition. They eat a lot of rice. He used them as a side dish and bread.
2. Fish. Fish – this is something that should always be on the Japanese table. Everyone knows that it is very useful, because it contains omega-3 fatty acids.
3. Fruits. The Japanese eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Mainly bright colors. This product is always in a prominent place (kitchen table).
4. Water and tea. This nation is drinking plenty of fluids (water, green tea). This means that they never suffer dehydration.
5. Wisdom. These people are wise enough in life. The family is always a good atmosphere. Family members are always trying to help each other.

As you can see to be centenarians do not need so much. Most importantly, it is a proper diet and a good heart.

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