Secrets of Proper Nutrition

Everyone wants to be healthy and lean. I must say that this is the key to a happy and long life. People with normal body weight is much easier, because they can always be active and sporty. People with excess weight, everything is a little different.

Fat people will always feel uncomfortable. In this connection, every endeavor to look beautiful. For this purpose invented many diets. But as soon as I want to say that this is not an option and not a panacea. It is much wiser to adjust diet. Remember, a diet – it is a huge stress to the body. In such a situation it will be more difficult to lose weight. Even if the weight of the leaves, then later it will be twice as much.

What to do?

It is important to adjust the diet. This means that it is best to reduce the portions. Discard the large plates. In a large bowl always want to pour a lot of food. Besides, it is very important to give up such products, which do not bring the body to use, but only calories (sweets, mayonnaise, ketchup). If you can not imagine my life without these products, you will learn how to replace them. For example, a chocolate can be replaced with dried apricots and ketchup – Home adzhika!

Keep yourself always in good shape!

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