Secrets of the Beauty of Monica Bellucci

It’s difficult to find someone who does not know who Monica Bellucci is. This is not millet a beautiful actress, it is also a very beautiful woman.

So, how does she manage to keep her youth and beauty?

1. Care. The actress regularly cares for the skin of the face. In her opinion, care should not always be professional. There are many folk remedies that have a positive effect on the skin. Olive oil is a universal remedy for skin and hair. After a month of application, the skin will become healthier and the hair shining.
2. Nutrition. It is important to stick to proper nutrition. There are best boiled dishes. They are more useful and easier to digest by the body. Every day, eat at least one apple. This fruit is very useful and contains a maximum of useful substances.
3. Rest. Always give your body time to relax. Night sleep should be not less than 8 hours, and day time – not less than 30 minutes.

Give your appearance enough time to always be beautiful!

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