Secrets that Will not Get Fat

Every woman wants to look over the life of slim and fit. But there is a dilemma – and want to eat tasty, and not gain weight. But it is not seen.

Do not be upset, because there are many tricks that will help you not gain weight.

1. Lemon juice. Lemon juice – a perfect tool for weight loss. To do this, it needs to be added to salads and desserts.
2. Persimmon. In persimmon contains very few calories, but she is very sweet. Instead of candy you can safely eat this bright and tasty fruit.
3. Bananas. It argued that bananas contribute to weight gain. But this is not the case. To such an interesting conclusion reached by scientists from the United States. A banana a day – that is what is necessary for our body.
4. Fish. Fish can and should eat. This product contains omega-3 fatty acids that improve brain function. Thus, weight gain occurs. Very tasty baked fish is obtained in the oven with vegetables.
5. Meat. Avoid fatty meats (pork) in favor of low-fat (chicken). The chicken contains less fat, and the meat is more useful.

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