Selecting a Mink Coat

Mink fur coat – it’s a dream of every woman. It is a symbol of elegance and success. However, before you buy a mink coat, it is necessary to know some nuances of its choice.

So, how to make your choice, with no errors?

1. Shop. Buy the best thing in the store. Market – this is not the best purchase of a mink coat.
2. Seller. Before you buy a fur coat, talk with the seller. Detail Ask a mink origin (natural or artificial) and what brought the country (Russia, China).
3. Authenticity. Mink authenticity must be checked in several ways. It is very important that the fur does not prick the skin of hands and all the hairs were painted uniformly. If you shake a little coat, the fur should not crumble to the floor. One scrapped, as carefully as possible need to test myself fur. He should be in good condition – this is a sign of high quality.
4. Price. Always pay attention to the price. Good quality and item can not be expensive.

Lovely woman, be beautiful and luxurious. Doing this is simple, especially if you have a mink coat.

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