Selection of Cosmetics

At present it is difficult to find a woman who did not use cosmetics. At the same time in its arsenal of a huge number of all kinds of tubes. At the same time, most of any purchase is made thoughtlessly (seller advice or a good discount).

So, let’s see how to choose the right makeup? The issue today is not concerned about a woman.

1. Honesty. Many sellers are interested to sell one or another brand of cosmetics. To check how much a person works honestly, ask him a question for which you also know the answer.
2. Hygiene. The store presents a huge number of probes. To try this or that product, you can not climb your hands. To do this, use a special brush. Remember, cosmetics – an ideal environment for the development of pathogens.
3. Light. Very often in the stores use a special light to the buyer acquired the cosmetics guaranteed. You should always check the color of the cosmetic product in natural lighting. To do this, always wiser to buy a sampler.

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