Sex can prolong youth

One of the most important prolongation of youth and the general duration of life is a good mood throughout the entire period of life. However, stressful situations appearing, often at work, can cause people, increased excitement, excessive allocation of testosterone in men. As a result, from year to year, such situations cause premature old age. Very often people break down and find solace in a glass with strong alcoholic beverages.

In order for stressful situations to have minor pronounced effects, one can take vitamins from group B, B6 and magnesium. In addition, sports will bring an additional allocation of the hormone of joy. However, nothing compares to having sex.

It is sex that allows the release of testosterone, show significant physical activity, remove thirst for the opposite body, and enjoy all the time spent with a partner or partner and forget about any stress.

Scientists confirm the fact that sex plays a primary role in reducing stress and longevity. Therefore, employment from 1 to 4 times a week will be useful to everyone from young to any age.

Healing properties of tea from different additives to them

Tea ceremonies are a very frequent occupation among the countries of the far east. This is especially true in China. There for tea belong to the higher intelligence and people honor the tea traditions of their ancestors.

In our country, tea is also quite popular. Although its popularity is much less than coffee. Nevertheless, many people can refuse to take coffee in favor of green tea from the early morning.

True, over the past few years, the young generation of tea fans have changed their tastes a little. However, the age generation is also present. In the light of a fashionable healthy diet, a lot of teas with the addition of natural dried fruits or herbs, making an unusual taste of tea and complementing its useful properties, appeared.

So, for example, you can often see tea in supermarkets, in which there are natural dried fruits of peach, orange, mandarin, grapefruit and others. These teas, according to the manufacturer fill the brewed drink with vitamin C and improve immunity.

Tea with berries of cranberries, raspberries, blackberries – helps with viral diseases. And the teas containing herbs of melissa and mint have a relaxing effect and soothe the body.

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