Sex during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman, first of all, think about the baby. The most important thing to him was all right. In this context, women are afraid to have sex during this period. But how things really are?

It is important to say at once about the well-being of women. If it’s all right, no contraindications for employment is not love. On the contrary, it will benefit to the woman.

If the expectant mother has some health problems, from the pleasures of love are best abandoned.

When it is not necessary to have sex during pregnancy?

1. The tone of the uterus. If a woman has increased tone of the uterus, then sex is best not to engage.
2. Previous unsuccessful pregnancy. If there was something wrong, something is not worth the risk in a previous pregnancy.
3. Sex before delivery. The closer to the birth, the sex is less desirable. This is due to the fact that the body can cause Svatko. If it is time to give birth, you can safely make love.

Sex during pregnancy is the most striking, because it does not need to be protected! Seize the moment!

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