Sexuality in Three Minutes

22111201610If you think that you can hardly be called sexual woman, then you are deeply mistaken. Maybe you do not have such data on the nature, but they can always be learned.

So how can you become sexual in minutes?

1. Shower. Before the visit, be sure to take a contrast shower. This is a good way to restore the skin a healthy look.
2. The Look. If the eyes look tired, you need a few minutes to put on their tea bags. Then be sure to apply beautiful makeup.
3. Legs. Feet should always be an ideal condition. No vegetation. As long as you put the tea bags, apply a depilatory cream on your feet.
4. Face. Before you apply makeup, wipe the face with ice cubes. If possible, do cubes in advance. They can always add different herbs broth.
5. Beautiful underwear. Always wear lacy underwear. This will make you more self-confident woman.
6. The final touch. If you have made emphasis on the eyes, it is not necessary to allocate a bright lip. It is enough to cover them with a matte lipstick or lip gloss.

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