Elegant shoes, beautiful skirt, elegant blouse. Not from this image whether all women dream of the planet?

Undoubtedly, high-heeled shoes – is something that is present in every woman’s wardrobe. Men from this image just crazy. This makes walking a woman easier. But do not forget about the other, not less important fact.

However, I must say that at this point no one thinks about the dangers that brings the uncomfortable shoes. If you wear the shoes constantly it immediately affect the health of the feet.

If you can not imagine my life without high heels, it is best to have two pairs of shoes. Spare pair is always handy when the legs very tired. Recall that uncomfortable shoes increases the risk of developing varicose veins.

So, I want to note that it is best to choose comfortable shoes. It can be: moccasins, slippers. Remember that health should always be the first place to the person. Besides, it is much more important than inner beauty and not external. You should always keep this in mind!

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