Signs of a Chronic Lack of Sleep

Sleep is very important for every person. During sleep, a person gains strength and energy. But now more and more people are sleeping very little. This is due to the fact that the house is full of stimuli that prevent sleep.

So how can you recognize that a person is constantly not getting enough sleep?

1. Irritability. If a person is not enough time sleeping, he becomes angry and irritable. This can lead to more serious disorders – depression.
2. Hunger. If a person does not sleep, he wants to eat constantly. Force must be taken from another source.
3. Poor appearance. Lack of sleep instantly affects a person’s appearance. A person becomes fresh crumpled.
4. Immunity. If lack of sleep in humans is reduced immunity, and it starts to hurt more often.
5. Libido. Sexual activity is reduced to a minimum. The body simply can not.

Ka see, lack of sleep leads to disastrous consequences. To avoid this, you need to turn off the favorite TV series and go to sleep. Sweet Dreams!

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