Signs of Ovulation

Physiologically, a woman’s body is designed much more complex. Every month huge hormonal changes occur.

But we want to point out about this important period in the middle of the woman’s menstrual cycle ovulation. At this moment, the greatest likelihood that a woman can get pregnant.

So how can you understand that ovulation has already begun?

1. Allocation. A woman is always a discharge from the genital tract. However, in the period of ovulation of their consistency and color changes. For it is always necessary to pay attention. They become more abundant and watery.
2. Libido. During ovulation libido always increases.
3. The basal temperature. In the period of ovulation basal temperature is always higher. This is due to the fact that a particular hormone called progesterone is released in that period.
4. Chest. During this period, pain may occur in the chest.
5. Abdomen. Lower abdominal pain may occur. The reason for this – release of an egg from the ovary.

Lovely women, watch their body and feelings. If this is done, you’ll always know what he wants.

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