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Every woman cares about the condition of her skin. To keep it longer and more youthful, one care is not enough. Still need to observe the correct diet. With the help of adequate nutrition you can achieve good results.

So, what foods should be present in the diet, so that the skin will stay young for longer?

1. Green tea. Green tea contains substances that help the skin stay young longer. But beyond this property, with the help of tea, you can get rid of dark circles under the eyes and acne.
2. Flax. Include in the diet flax seeds. It contains substances that will help fight irritation on the skin.
3. Eggs. Thanks to egg white, the skin is fashionable to keep elastic and beautiful.
4. Oatmeal porridge. The morning should begin with oatmeal. It’s not easy. In addition to the fact that it has a good effect on the work of the stomach, but even with its help, it is possible to promote a more attractive appearance of our skin.

The right diet is extremely important for every person. It depends not only on health, but also on the appearance!

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