Skin care can be dangerous

A few years ago, women, together with men, were very active in using most of the existing methods for caring for their skin, which at the same time did not bring any benefit.

But after some time, scientists were able to accurately say that it is worth applying to your face, and what is worth sacrificing, after all, to wait for a positive result will not succeed. So, in order not to waste time on absolutely unnecessary procedures, it is better to pay attention to those that truly can make your skin beautiful, young and incredibly healthy.

For most people, these characteristics, declared by the manufacturer, will be enough to pay attention to this particular tool.

Therefore, you should always try not to believe what they say around you, but simply to do only the procedures that are proven on your personal experience, which, at the same time, will bring health.

Myths about what can hurt you

1) The tonal cream dries the skin. This is an absolute lie, since modern developments in this direction allow obtaining an incredibly nutritious texture, which, at the same time, can provide excellent interaction with the skin, nourishing and saturating it with useful trace elements.
2) The toned cream ages skin. In fact, after Canadian scientists conducted research in this field, it was found out that foundation creams on the contrary protect the skin from external factors from the environment, which gradually become the most unfavorable effect on the skin condition. Therefore, for those who used cosmetic products on a daily basis, the skin looks much younger.
3) Natural cosmetics – hypoallergenic. It turns out that this is far from the case, therefore, it is worth as carefully as possible to study the composition of any cosmetic product that falls into your hands, and not immediately try to apply it.
4) Means that narrow the pores – there are! After numerous studies and summing up, it turned out that such cosmetics are simply not there. Nature can not be deceived, and if it has awarded you with wide pores, then you just have to try to hide them with a foundation, and not because of counterfeits, on which the manufacturing companies earn millions.
5) Night cream is harmful. Most women who actively use the day and night line of cosmetics, assure that the result after the cream is much better than without it. From this depends not only the external condition of the skin, but also its internal health.
6) Alcohol in cosmetics – dries the skin. It turns out that there are a lot of different versions of alcohol compounds that do not really harm the human skin, but rather are moisturizers, antioxidants and softeners in the cosmetics of cosmetics.
7) Tonic for the face – is useless. Scientists-dermatologists assure that any exposure to the skin with cosmetic products violates its acid balance. But the use of tonic, will certainly restore it to the required level.

Secrets to Skin Care

Some women are used to believing numerous myths, and from this lose the opportunity to provide their skin, a truly incredible feeling of vivacity, freshness and health. A lot of positive reviews remain after having discarded all prejudices and myths, women begin to use, in fact, acting means, which at the same time, should be natural and have natural components in their composition. After all, if you do not pay attention to your skin in time, which daily requires care and care, then in a few years, you will have to apply intensive therapy to get rid of wrinkles and other manifestations of old age on your face.

So it’s better to try to do so as early as possible to begin preventive measures to obtain an incredible result. It is always much easier to prevent an event, than to get rid of its consequences. The same happens with the aging of the skin, if you let it grow old, then it will cope with this matter instantly, and if, you become actively fighting for youth, then old age will not come soon.