Skin Care in Winter

011220167In winter skin needs especially careful leaving. This is due to the fact that cold air and wind adversely affect it. Unfortunately, many women do not know about it. After improper care there is still a big problem of the skin.

So, what should be the skin care in winter?

1. Humidification. It is important to regularly moisten the air in the room. Humidity should be kept at the proper level.
2. Nourishing Cream. In winter, the skin does not need moisture and nutrition.
3. Makeup. After removing the make-up you need to moisturize the skin. Forget about it not worth it.
4. Peeling. In winter also can not forget about the skin clearing. Although, some with this fact can not agree.
5. Hot water. Less spend time under hot water. The face is best to wash with cool water or ice.
6. Liquid. The skin need to moisturize from the inside. To do this, you need to drink plenty of fluids.
7. Fish. In winter you need to eat more oily fish. It contains the necessary skin omega-3 fatty acids. Also, your diet is useful to add nuts and avocados.

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