Skin Glow in 10 Minutes

081220168Every woman wants to look attractive, regardless of age. To do this, you need to provide quality care skin from a young age. This is the main and most important rule of feminine beauty. Only regular maintenance will help keep the skin young.

But what if you need to quickly get together to party and be a queen? How to return your skin glow in a short period of time?

1. Mask. Face Mask perfectly cope with the task. It should include: lemon, eggs and almonds. After such masks skin will be soft and gentle. Such a mask can be applied once a week. The course – 2 months.
2. Ice Cube. After applying the mask, wipe face with ice. The effect will be stunning. The skin immediately get healthy color and freshness.
3. Nourishing Cream. Once a person has been rubbed with ice – need nutritious cream. Kinda, this anchoring effect. The cream should contain herbs or fruits.
4. Make-up. Now we need to apply the finishing touch. In the evening you’ll be the most beautiful woman.

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