Slender, like Kate Middleton

Every girl who wants to have the same fine figure as that of Princess Kate Middleton, can afford without much difficulty.

It turns out that in order to have a slim and athletic figure, even after the third birth, the Duchess of Cambridge invariably uses some secret methods. Which ones can be learned from sources close to the royal family, who always inform the world about certain details of the royal life, much more often and more than the members of this family themselves. Therefore, we have to assume that the data that they provide to the public is true and truthful.

Thus, to disclose the secret of harmony of Kate Middleton, it is worth paying attention to the Ducane diet, which, by the way, is used by many Hollywood stars. But back to Kate and find out what’s so special about this diet, which the rest of the people preferred to the princess.

Ducane Diet and her royal confession

In most cases, royalty do not resort to diets, because during the course of their lives they simply adhere to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to the slenderness of the figure and the excellent state of health. But in the case of Kate Middleton, who specifically took advantage of this diet before the wedding to look more slim in front of a multimillion audience, we can say that she was not mistaken. This diet involves four main stages, which consist of certain types of foods and dishes. So, what is so special about the Ducane diet?

Stage 1 is called Attack. It is to give up as quickly as possible fatty deposits and make your body a certain kind of shake, which would help to come to an excellent shape in a matter of days. During this period, it is necessary to eat exclusively protein food, discarding even fruits and vegetables. Thus, it is allowed to eat exclusively lean meat, ham, lean veal, chicken breast, beef liver, any fish, skim milk products.

Stage 2 is called Alternating and consists of adding diversity to your menu, which should now be more extensive. Therefore, at this stage, it is worth one day to eat only vegetables, and the second protein-vegetable food.

Stage 3 is called Fastening. During this period, you can already afford to add those products that were previously inaccessible. For example, in very small portions, it is allowed to eat rice, pasta and potatoes, as well as cheese, bread from wholemeal flour and once a month, allow yourself a festive menu.

Stage 4 is called Stabilization. At this time you can completely relax and eat everything you want, but at the same time, do not forget that portions should be very small, and do not abuse flour products and sweets. Very important point of this stage is the use of oat bran and periodic rest of the body at the expense of a completely protein day. Do not forget about physical exercises that will significantly improve the body and appearance.

Princess in every her gesture

Kate Middleton has always been different from other members of the royal family by its refinement and sophistication. This woman looks good in the role of a young mother who was able to give the prince two sons and a daughter. Thanks to her natural restraint and kindness, she never became the object of the yellow press and gave no occasion to create around her various rumors.

Once in the royal family, Kate successfully got used to the role of the wife of the heir to the throne and the second person who has the right to the throne.

She never had to conspire and spin intrigues in the royal lobby, as it is alien to her nature and character. Therefore, Kate Middleton leads an active social life, helping the destitute and needy. She is engaged in charity and other royal duties, but most of all she likes spending time with her children and her husband. This was the reason for very frequent family evenings, when all the children gather in one room and they are with William. Kate likes to cook and receive guests herself, and examples of her designer taste are discussed all over the world and become models for imitation.