Slender Stars

Now more and more people are struggling with the problem of extra kilos. This problem is widespread. Hollywood stars are no exception. They are no different from ordinary people.

How do they manage to get rid of the hateful kilos?

1. Liz Hurley. The actress believes that it is important to eat small meals, but often. So the body will not experience load. That you have not eaten, you should always eat vegetables (fresh or baked).
2. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Milk should be drunk with a low percentage of fat. After five o’clock in the evening in the kitchen entrance is closed.
3. Claudia Schiffer. It is very important to give up alcohol (especially wine). Scientists in Canada have shown that wine contains a lot of calories.
4. Lindsay Lohan. There is nothing better than food from Japan (sushi rolls).
5. Mariah Carey. Food should not be salted. Avoid the use of salt for ever.
6. Kate Winslet. We need to cook your own meals instead of buying the restaurant. In addition, it is necessary to abandon the canned. Far better to boil or bake fish.

Lovely woman, try these simple tips that really work.

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