Slimming Rules

The problem of excess weight in society is quite acute. This is due to the fact that people simply do not want to lead an active lifestyle. It is much more pleasant to watch TV or spend several hours sitting at the computer.

But all this plays a cruel joke on the man. It turns out that a person consumes more calories than he spends. This is the cause of excess weight.

When a person decides that it’s time to go on a diet, the oat does not go away anyway. This is due to the fact that many errors can be tolerated.

So, why does not excess weight go away? What reason?

1. Refusal from breakfast. Breakfast plays an important role for the human body. In no case can not be abandoned.
2. Insufficient water intake. Do not allow dehydration. You need to drink 2 liters of water per day.
3. Hunger. Many believe that hunger will help you lose weight faster. This is not true. The body is just experiencing stress. In this state, you can never lose weight.
4. Lots of sport. You have to do sports. Only everything should be in moderation. 2 workouts per week will be enough.

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