Everyone smiles. Someone does often, and someone less. But let’s get this going to do a lot more often, because the smile has enormous benefits for the human body. You can not even imagine what laughter can do for human health!

So, what is the use of laughter and smiles for a person?

1. Extends life. Everyone else knows with young years that laughter prolongs life of man.
2. Analgesic effect. You can get rid of the pain With a laugh and a smile. So the man is much easier to defeat the disease.
3. Skin. During laughter at the person in the body secrete hormones of joy. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, soft, healthy and young.
4. Exercises for the face. For facial muscles a great workout. Every muscle in the human body has to work and move.
5. It strengthens the relationship. Laugh and smile perfectly strengthen and build relationships with friends and family.

Try to smile and laugh. Only through laughter can cope with depression, stress and a bad mood!

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