Smoking and Skin Care

Women smokers is increasing. This is the real problem of the modern world. People should Ves healthy lifestyle, but also happens the other way around. But every person the right to make a choice.

So, as all women want to look attractive, you need to understand how to care for skin women if they are smokers. Immediately I must say that skin care is substantially different. It must be even more careful and painstaking.

1. Vitamin C. The cream should be chosen, so that was part of vitamin C. During smoking, the skin loses its most.
2. Collagen. Collagen also be present in a cream. Apply it to the area of ​​the lips.
3. Age. The cream should be chosen according to the age of the woman. Always watch out for these.
4. Skin Type. Cosmetics must be chosen correctly, that is, that they are well matched to your skin type.
5. The circles under the eyes. To hide dark circles under the eyes, perfect for this cucumber. Apply it for a few minutes. Then apply a remedy that removes dark circles (it should be a little lighter than your skin).

Be beautiful!

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