Smoking Negatively Affects Sleep

1211165During the study of American scientists were able to prove that smoking adversely affects the quality of sleep.

Those people who smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day are more likely to wake up during sleep, as well, many of them suffer from insomnia.

For a person sleep duration should be at least 8 hours a day, as it was during that time restored all functions. Lack of sleep leads to headache, fatigue, nervousness, hard work is lost, but also contributes to the appearance of extra kilos.

In addition to sleep problems in smokers often have diseases such as lung cancer, heart attack and stroke, so before you take a cigarette in hand, you should consider whether or not to spoil his life because of this imaginary pleasure, especially since experts have proved that such people live 9 years less.

Quit Smoking Naturally it is difficult, but should abstain for two weeks, you will feel the improvement in his condition and those who suffer from insomnia, forget about this problem.

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