Smoking Women

Currently, you can find more and more women who smoke. At the same time, there are women who continue to smoke during pregnancy and lactation. At this point, the young mother thinks only of his desires, but not about the health of their own child.

Why should a woman give up the habit?

1. Diseases. Smoking triggers the development of many diseases (cardiac and respiratory diseases). With that, some may be fatal (cancer).
2. Pregnancy. Even if a woman could get pregnant while smoking, it is not a guarantee that everything will go well. Miscarriages, sick children – is not the whole list of smoking for a woman who wants to become a mother.
3. Oral contraceptives. Hormonal pills and smoking – are incompatible processes.
4. Appearance. Female smokers age much faster. Their skin looks saggy and flabby.

Dear women, before taking a cigarette in hand, we must remember that in the first place, you are an expectant mother. A good mother is always thinking about the health of the child.

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