Some Drinks Have a Negative Impact on Sleep

1311162Of course, few people thought about the effect of our diet, in particular drinks, sleep.

A University of California scientists, puzzled by this question, conducted the research. Their findings, which were published recently, suggest that fans of caffeinated drinks and beverages with sugar sleep somewhat less than those who do not consume all kinds of soda and energy.

Studies made at the University of California, based on the data that were obtained from 19 000 respondents, divided into three groups. They showed that the first volunteers who regularly slept less than five hours a day, ate 21% more drinks with caffeine and sugar-sweetened (Energy and soda), in contrast to the second group, whose dream lasted for eight hours.

And representatives of the third group, who were resting soundly at night for about six hours, drank 11% more of these beverages than respondents from the other. Based on these results, it is concluded that the reduction of caffeine and sugar consumption of the beverage is likely to increase the duration and quality of sleep.

During the tests it was even noted that the tea, diet drinks and juice have no connection with the change of sleep parameters.

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