Spanish Queen Laetitia and her charm

Spain is famous for its royal traditions for quite some time.

Throughout history, the Spanish queens personified beauty, majesty and the ability to behave in a society according to their status. An excellent continuation of all the traditions of the Spanish crown, is Queen Letizia, which shows how perfectly it is possible to combine modern images and the strictness of the palace canons. Queen Laetitia never found herself in stupid provisions related to the violation of the rules of etiquette, because she knows for sure that the wife of the king should be an example for imitation and in no way to bring on her husband a shadow of misunderstanding or condemnation. Its image is always easy to perceive and intuitive, which helps to cope with the many disagreements that arise from time to time in other royal families.

After all, in order to choose an outfit for the next event, Queen Letizia is guided only by her own taste and understanding of her position in society. She always says that there is nothing simpler than choosing an outfit for herself and her daughters.

Royal taste is perfect

Many designers and representatives of fashion houses with world names have repeatedly noted that Queen Letizia at each reception and holiday looks simply amazing. They have not yet once published wearing anything out of place, but also always follow a strict and business style that allows them to emphasize all the charms of a slim and athletic figure. After all, it is the beautiful silhouette that is the pride of the queen, able to spend several hours a day in the gym. Quite a lot of assumptions are hovering over the queen about what exactly causes her amazing figure, hard workouts or proper nutrition. But considering the fact that Queen Letizia is a big fan of a healthy lifestyle, we can assume that the combination of these two factors and leads to the fact that the appearance of the queen remains impeccable. Whichever outfit she chooses, he immediately becomes the reason for Queen Letizia to get on the covers of fashion magazines. Spanish women try to follow the set standards of the queen, and if they can not pick up anything like this in well-known stores, they certainly sew to order from fashion designers with a world-wide name.

Of course, not everyone can afford expensive dresses worn by Queen Letizia in the most solemn occasions, therefore, quite often it can be seen in simple dresses or costumes that were purchased in local boutiques.

Queen Laetitia herself watches her daughters

The Spanish king and queen have two daughters, who are educated by the best teachers of the country. Despite their young age, girls have long been able to speak several languages ​​and behave in society, as befits real princesses. But behind the appearance of the daughters, Queen Laetitia always watches, which only in case of her absence trusts this business to the royal designers. Mother is sure that no one will be able to feel the mood of girls better than she, and therefore choose an outfit corresponding not only to the level of the upcoming event, but also to the emotional experiences of the girls. After all, the clothing, according to Queen Leticia, should complement the woman’s modesty and conceal from outsiders what remains to be kept secret. The appearance of the little princesses is always flawless, just like the queen of Laetitia herself, who does not forget to remain sincere and open with absolutely everyone who meets her on the way. Sometimes, in life you can find a real fairy tale or at least some characters from it. For example, Queen Letizia, collects the image of all the beautiful princesses who have found their love and married a beautiful prince, and after that became queens. It is not necessary to say much that it is the outer image of the Queen of Letitia that makes everyone love and honor her, for she is always like a fair and very kind queen, with the beautiful name Letizia.

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