Spit to the Waist

221120169At present, more and more women prefer short haircuts. This is due to the fact that short hair does not need such a thorough and painstaking care as long hair.

But what if there was not, a woman with long hair looks more attractive and sexy.

How is it possible to grow long and healthy hair? What mistakes should not be allowed?

1. Malnutrition. If your diet is wrong, you can not dream of long hair. That hair grow and be healthy, you need to eat foods that contain proteins, vitamins and minerals.
2. Winter weather. In winter, the hair must be protected from the cold. Now more and more women go in cold weather without a hat.
3. Wash. Greasy and dry hair can not be washed every day.
4. Masks. Now you can buy a mask of any company and manufacturer. But do not forget about the tested grandmother’s recipe. With their help, the hair can grow twice as fast, and to get rid of many problems (dandruff, oily hair). Of course, this requires more time-consuming, but the result is worth it.

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