Spring Cleaning of the Liver

Everyone is concerned about their health. First of all, you need to take care of the health of the liver. This body is a kind of filter. Each one of us likes to eat something not very useful. The entire burden falls on the liver. Let’s help her.

So how can you cleanse the liver in the spring?

1. Water with lemon. Morning should begin with a cup of water with lemon juice. This will help make the start of the body and bring toxins from the body. It is important to do it all the time and not on a case by case basis.
2. Onions and garlic. Include in your diet onion and garlic. This product is very useful for the liver. Their function is to bring the body of fungi and bacteria.
3. Vitamin C. Eat more foods with vitamin C. This citrus fruit, pickled cabbage, currants.
4. Milk. It has long been used milk thistle for liver cleansing. In any store you can buy tea on its basis.
5. Dandelion. Many believe that a dandelion – a weed. But this is not the case. Dandelion – useful plant. One of his assignments – a reading of the liver.

Do not forget to monitor the health status. Pay due attention to their well-being!

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