Star Diet

We often want to imitate the stars. This is due to the fact that they always look beautiful and flawless. How do you want to be at least a little like them. But you need to make efforts for this.

On what diets are the stars sitting? How do they manage to maintain the harmony of the figure?

1. Megan Fox. The actress prefers to sit on the diet of Paleo. This means that you need to eat only meat, fish products, and many more vegetables and fruits.
2. Halle Berry. The star uses only useful and simple products. Only healthy food, and still enough water.
3. Nicole Kidman. To stay in good shape, the actress sits on a tight diet. This means that the diet should include more vegetables, berries and lean meat.
4. Penelope Cruz. Now in a fashion Mediterranean diet. The actress is sure that she does miracles. In addition, it can help prevent heart disease. According to this diet, we exclude red meat and add more olive oil to the diet.

Lovely women, before you go on a diet, you need to get a doctor’s advice. Rigid diets can be dangerous to health.

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