Stop – Do Not Smoke!

Now more and more people are smoking. This bad habit is very bad for human health. Especially, it is disappointing that more women are smoking. And these are future mothers.

You must quit smoking immediately. The organism will need a lot of time to recover.

But not everything is so simple. Many people do not manage to quit smoking for many years. But everything is fixable.

We will bring to your attention tips that are guaranteed to help cope with the addiction.

1. Motivation. To achieve something, you need motivation. Smoking is no exception. Promote yourself to once and for all to throw a cigarette out of your hands.
2. Yoga. Sign up for yoga. With the help of yoga you can calm down. As you know, people who quit smoking are very irritable.
3. Willpower. To quit smoking, no matter how trite it did not sound, you need willpower. Not all of them are well developed.
4. Information. Learn all the information about smoking. Find out what harm it brings to our health.

We quit smoking in order that we and our children are healthy!

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