Strengthening Immunity by Means of Food

In the fall and early spring, people often get sick colds. The reason for this – a weakened immune system. But it is possible and it is necessary to deal with such a problem. Otherwise, colds will haunt a person constantly.

So, how to do it? What products should be added to the diet to be healthy?

1. Citrus. Everybody knows that in lemons, oranges, tangerines keep enough of the vitamin. It is thanks to this vitamin, the body can defeat many viruses and infections.
2. Ginger root. On the basis of ginger root can brew tasty tea. If you drink this drink, no colds are not afraid.
3. Garlic and onions. These two products have long been used to prevent and treat colds. All this is due to the unique structure of garlic and onion.
4. Cabbage. The cabbage contains vitamin C, which is able to strengthen the immune system.
5. Beets. The vegetable contains a lot of protein and vitamins. If you regularly eat, the body will be easier to resist infections.

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