Strengthening the Nails at Home

Today, many women are concerned that they have fragile and layered nails. The thing is that there are a lot of reasons for this problem – poor nutrition, performance of various types of work without gloves.

Here also there is quite fair question – as it is possible to strengthen fingernails or nails at home. What means and methods exist?

1. Nutrition. It is very important to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to the diet. Do not forget about the use of fish, because it has a lot of sulfur.
2. Baths. Do not forget several times a week to clean your nails from the varnish and pamper them. To do this, you need to make baths based on sea salt. It will give the nails a fortress and health. If desired, a little lemon juice and iodine can be added to the bath.
3. Gloves. In the cold season, gloves should always be worn. Hands should not be affected by wind and cold. Equally important, when doing household tasks, wear rubber gloves.

Lovely women, always follow the state of their hands and nails. They should be beautiful and neat.

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