Struggle with a Hangover

3011201616The desire to drink alcohol at a party or on a holiday often raises us up. However, the next day after such a fun comes the hangover. This state of the body, which is characterized by increased headache, weakness in the body, sometimes gag reflex and other negative symptoms.

To as quickly as possible to restore its own body after a fun alcohol partying, British scientists recommend to eat tomorrow fried bacon and eggs. Of their study show that these products significantly accelerate the process of eliminating the consequences of a hangover and after 3 hours after this breakfast, you will feel much better.

Scientists explain it very simply – in scrambled eggs and fried bacon contains large amounts of cysteine, which helps synthesize toxic substances in the liver and the products of alcohol breakdown. Therefore, if on the morning after drinking the classic English breakfast to eat, then you will be able to recover much faster.

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