Summer 2018. What are its designers?

The most popular fashion houses annually represent new collections of clothes, which significantly simplifies life for those who do not imagine a new season without updates.

So if you look more closely at what is hanging in your wardrobe, then it is likely that you will be able to find something trendy, because all the fashion trends come back, which has a very positive effect on the purse of every woman. Therefore, you should always carefully select your outfit, which will help to look like you just arrived with new clothes from Milan, where the fashion show was held. So, that this summer you could boast of everything that you really know about fashion, it is worth paying attention only to the fact that you really know some subtleties in fashion.

The main trends in the fashion of summer 2018

1) Straw hat. Many women of fashion can notice that this accessory has never gone out of fashion and will be absolutely right. But only this year, the designers decided that it was necessary to completely change its shape and experiment with colors. So meet the updated straw hats, which will please every woman.
2) Asymmetry in the blouses. The upper part of the dress should be chosen in such a way as to nicely emphasize the shoulders and neck. But you should pay attention to the fact that only one of the shoulders needs an open style. After all, it is this little detail that opens the character in the girl.
3) All the colors of the rainbow. The brighter your image will be this summer, the more certain you will be on the list of the most fashionable girls of the season. Do not be afraid to experiment with combinations of colors, because the reflection of the rainbow in clothes in the summer of 2018 is one of the main fashion trends.
4) Fringe. Very beautiful things with a fringe, we somehow already carried in childhood. And now the T-shirts have returned, which stylishly decorate the fringe and is considered the last squeak of this season.
5) White top. Needless to say, the white top is classic. But even classic things sometimes just pop up towards the top of fashion trends. It also happened with the white top, which this summer is recognized as one of the most popular summer trends.
6) An interesting combination of red and pink. It is worth noting that only thanks to freedom in your imagination, you can find for yourself the most unique novelties of red and pink in combination on one garment.
7) Sunglasses “scorpio”. This is the name of the style of sunglasses, which became very popular this year, although several decades ago, women already wore such novelties and at the same time looked the most stylish of those around them.
8) The shade of lavender. Anyone who is too closely associated with fashion should definitely know that the “lavender” shade is the most popular this summer. Any thing of this color will be considered very fashionable and stylish. So it’s worth taking a note, if you want to stay always on top of fashionable success.

How not to get lost in the variety of styles?

When you begin to think about what to wear to this or that event, always be guided by your own sense of style and taste. In addition to the fact that you can become a star of the evening, your fashion trends can cause a real stir. Let all the women around you become jealous of your taste and try to be a bit like you. Or just copy what you wear, trying to give out for your own ideas.

Believe that it’s you who are fashionable this summer, so do not be shy to express your emotions through clothes and always show off something that really deserves attention.

Many girls who do not know how to properly deal with the choice of the image, begin to try on everything that comes to hand. In some cases, this is the most correct option for choosing clothes, because sometimes you notice that you look great in that you never could have tried on before. So the more you give yourself freedom in choosing clothes, the more confident will be your gait and self-esteem. It has long been proven that with the right clothes, you can increase your self-esteem.

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